On the Road Again! Williams, AZ to Grand Canyon

Going from Williams, AZ, to the Grand Canyon is a super easy drive-just straight north on Route 64 for 1 hour! The landscape this time wasn’t that varied so I don’t have that many pictures from it. But, it wasn’t what I expected to see either.



Whenever I saw pictures of the Grand Canyon, it would be filled with reddish brown rocks, and maybe a little green vegetation here and there. So I was thinking there would be a lot of red rocks all around, right? Nope! Instead it was what looked like a pine forest and fairly vegetated plains or grassland. But, that made it all the more interesting!


The Kaibab National Forest is found all around the Grand Canyon, and the Flagstaff/Williams area. In fact the word “kaibab” comes from the Paiute language and is their term for the Grand Canyon, meaning “mountain lying down”. So you can think of the Kaibab National Forest as the Grand Canyon National Forest pretty much!


Towns along the way…

You’ll pass through the little town of Valle, which includes an Airplane Museum, a couple gas stations and places to stay, and Bedrock! Yabba Dabba!!! Watch out for that website if you click on it…it’s just a little bit outdated and filled with pebbles. Digital ones, not fruity. We just drove by and didn’t stop to see it though, it looked a little outdated as well and maybe in need of some fix ups, but apparently there’s a diner, RV park, and little Flintstone like buildings around.  Also if that sign on the school bus is correct, Bedrock is for sale?!

And then there’s Tusayan, only about 15 mins. south of the Grand Canyon entrance. Tusayan has a lot of places to stay at, unlike Valle. However, they’re all pretty expensive unless you book way ahead in advance. But, it is an alternative place to stay if you can’t find a vacancy directly in the park and want to remain close by.

Grand Canyon–almost there!!


And finally, if you want to see what the whole drive looked like, I created a time lapse video! Don’t judge too harshly, I’m new to video and this was one of my first trying to use a little video camera as a dash cam(I had it balanced on the dash-really needed a mount), so yeah, it’s not that good, but does its job with showing the scenery on the whole drive:

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