Look for Big Horn Sheep at Lake Mead

If you’re an out of towner like me who likes to see local wildlife, and you’re going to or passing through Lake Mead on the way to the Hoover Dam, or just around Las Vegas, be on the look out for these guys!

Our super friendly Airbnb hosts gave us a tip to look for the Desert Big Horn Sheep that come down the mountains in the area, and often times are found in people’s yards or local park just munching at the grass. We were watching out for them in the morning but didn’t see anything, till we were on our way out and passed by the park, and luckily caught site of one them!

Big Horn Grazing

You can actually get up close to them, locals say they don’t harm anyone. Although I wouldn’t advise getting too close. I mean, look at those big horns! Just be safe because you never know….

Boulder City Park Panorama


Desert Big Horn Sheep in the park


Signs in the park talking about the Bighorns



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