Hiking Grand View Point Trail at Canyonlands National Park

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Canyonlands grand view point trail

We had spent an awesome day checking out all the viewpoints, and taking a small hike at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park. We wanted to go on a second trail however, and were told that you can catch a good sunset from the end of Grand View Point Trail. It was only 2 miles round trip, so why not end our day with that? We’re so glad we did, it was probably the most fun we had on a trail on our whole 2 week western road trip!

Grand View Point Trail Details

  • Location: At the end of Grand View Point Road, very easy to find in the park.
  • Length: 2 miles Round Trip
  • Elevation gain: 50 feet
  • Difficulty: Easy

Canyonlands Grand View Point Trail Head
Canyonlands Grand View Point Trail Head
Grandview Point Overlook Canyonlands National Park
Grandview Point Overlook. See the huge dino footprint?

The trail starts out at a view point, one of the best I saw all day I think! You can see the canyon below pretty close, with White Rim Road following around it. The whole formation looks like a giant chicken’s footprint if you ask me! Or a mega huge dinosaur maybe? ;p

Grand View Point Trail Canyonlands National Park
A view of the trail. It’s easy and flat most of the time, with some stairs.

The trail as a whole is very easy. Mostly flat with bits of gravel and reddish dirt, with some small sets of stairs here and there. Some stairs are carved out of the rock, but a lot are man-made. There is uneven ground here and there too where you’re walking on a rocky surface.

Grand View Point Trail Canyonlands National Park
This is as close to the edge as I’d get!

Most of the time the trail follows the rim of the canyon, but if being close to the edge bothers you, don’t worry. You’re never that close! There’s always plenty of room so you don’t have to get near it if you don’t want to. I thought this was awesome, seeing that spectacular view as we walked along!

Cairns on Grand View Point Trail Canyonlands National Park
rock cairns were placed here and there on the trail to help guide you, but it was easy to follow regardless.
canyonlands plant life
There’s beautiful plant life in the desert!

Cairns are placed here and there, although we never felt in danger of getting lost, the trail is used enough that it’s clear to see as you go along. There’s also lots of beautiful colorful vegetation. I was able to identify a couple, but I honestly wish I knew more. There are pamphlets and photos in the Visitor’s Center however, and you can always ask a ranger if you’re interested in learning about that.

Red rocks canyonlands national park
Holey rocks batman!
canyonlands red rocks
Or should I say spiderman? Little creatures make homes in these sand blown holes in the rocks.

Walking along you’ll come across some really cool stone formations. Holes blown out of the cliff side by wind and sand. I bet small animals love to go hide in these, and upon looking closer up, we did see an inhabitant!

canyonlands national park rocks
Arghh..it’s kinda heavy, but I got it!
canyonlands trail fun
Weeee!! Rock slide 😀 Ok this wasn’t slippery at all, nor could you slide down it-but it looked like you could, so we posed for some fun shots!

As you go farther, you walk away from the rim for a time, more in the middle of this part of the mesa, among the rocks and plants. Some stone formations just beg for some creative shots…even my husband had fun posing!

Grand View Point Trail's end
Grand View Point Trail’s end

At the end of the trail you come back out to the rim, and the view was equally impressive here. As sunset was approaching there was getting to be a number of people gathering here to watch it. We stayed for a little while, taking a break.

chipmunk in canyonlands
This little chipmunk was hoping for some handouts from people eating snacks.

Since we didn’t have any flashlights with us, we left before sunset to be on the safe side(once the sun starts going down, it goes fast!), but the sky was still beautiful on our whole walk back to the car.

stairs on grandview point trail
canyonlands rim
Canyonlands views
The desert is so colorful, who’d have ever thought you’d see a whole rainbow of colors out here?
Canyonlands watercolor painting
The one thing that makes a beautiful view and place like this complete is sharing it with the one you love!

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grand view point trail in canyonlands national park

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  2. This is gorgeous. I’ll definitely do a hike like this, in a heart beat. Gorgeous and fun photos. I wouldn’t have mind crawling to the tip of the edge though 🙂


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