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I love creating art and designs with cute animals! Throughout the years I’ve painted tons of birds, along with misc other animals, all under the name of Sylvan Mist Art– a brand and online social media name that I feel represents my art style and what I love to draw!

My artwork is available for sale on many different items from the following print on demand* sites:

  • Redbubble – A really nice selection of more popular items in an easy to navigate site.
  • Zazzle -TONS of items to choose from, lots of good sales throughout the year, and the biggest customization of any site so far! If you want a specific product, Zazzle would be the place to check.
  • Teepublic – This site has some really nice unique t-shirt colors and style selections that the other sites don’t!
  • Cafepress
  • Society6

These designs were all painted digitally in Adobe Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint, along with Affinity Designer for the vector designs. Nothing was made using AI, I hand painted them all using a wacom pen tablet and spent a lot of time working out the designs and colors. I hope you like them! 🙂

See more designs in my Art gallery!

*“Print on demand” simply means that you can go on the website, pick out the design you want on the item you want (even customize some of them) and order it right then and there. I only get a small commission from each sale, but it’s easier because I don’t have to keep an inventory or ship anything.

**If one of these sites offers a product, but you don’t see the design of mine you want on it, please contact me and I’ll make it available for you. I have to enable the products manually, and I tend to just enable the popular ones by default.

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