National Parks

Capitol Reef National Park

Things to See & Do at Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

Capitol Reef is a smaller, often overlooked, National Park. Located in the state of Utah it’s only about a 2.5 hour drive away from Moab, where Arches and Canyonlands National Parks are located; and another 2 hours from Bryce National […]

landscape arch

Hiking to Landscape Arch in Arches National Park

One of the top things to see in Arches National Park is definitely Landscape Arch. Why? It’s one of the longest arches in the world at 306 ft (96 m) long! The trail to Landscape Arch is a part of […]

Delicate Arch

Hiking to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park

When I was researching things to see in Arches National Park, Delicate Arch came was at the top of the list. This is Utah’s most iconic image; it’s highly likely you’ve seen photos of it before on a calendar, screensaver, […]

Double Arch

Top 5 Things to do in Arches National Park

If you’ve only got a day to visit the park you can still see all of the best sites! We were able to drive along all the paved roads, stop at the viewpoints, and go on 3 total hikes. For […]

State & Local Parks

Magnolia Trees Washington DC

Enid A Haupt Garden in Washington DC

If you’re in Washington DC and looking for a quieter spot to sit down and enjoy a beautiful garden among some amazing architecture, then you must stop and see Enid A. Haupt Garden!       Enid A. Haupt Garden […]

Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival

If you’re in Philadelphia in May or June check out these beautiful outdoor art displays of Chinese lanterns! There beautiful sets consisting of many different sculpture pieces; from the traditional Chinese hanging lanterns, to pandas, leopards, butterflies, and even the […]

Four Corners Monument

Visiting the Four Corners Monument

What are the Four Corners States? The Four Corners Monument is the only spot in the US where the borders of 4 states intersect. It’s a unique geographical location comprised of the states of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. […]

Road Trips

Beautiful rock formations

Driving from Moab to Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

If you’re out in Moab, Utah, visiting Arches or Canyonlands National Parks, don’t forget about another National Park which isn’t too far away. Capitol Reef National Park, located in Torrey, Utah, is only a 2.5 hour drive from Moab. Even […]

Driving From Las Vegas to Grand Canyon South Rim By Car

The drive from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon South Rim by car is approximately 4 hours long. You pass through the barren desert landscapes of Nevada into much greener pine forests in the mid northern region of Arizona. It’s actually […]

Diving towards Moab

Driving from Mesa Verde to Moab

So you’ve been to Mesa Verde, Colorado, and want to make the drive up to Moab, where Arches and Canyonlands National Parks are located(or vise versa and are driving down to Mesa Verde from Moab). What’s to see on this […]

Driving from the Four Corners to Mesa Verde

Four Corners to Mesa Verde

If you’re visiting the Four Corners and coming from the west, consider traveling a little farther and spending a day or two at Mesa Verde National Park or a few of the other historic sites nearby. The park is famous […]


Logo Design 101, a Free Guide to help you design a logo

Logo Design 101

A Free Guide for helping you Design a Logo!   So, you’ve got your brand name picked out for your business or website, but now you need a logo designed! Where to start? Well, if you don’t have much in […]

Social Media Image Sizes

Social Media Image Sizes and Templates

Figuring out how big to make your cover photos can be a bit trickier than simply finding the standard dimensions given. Here’s a small guide to help along with templates for Facebook & Twitter, and a quick guide to all […]

Scenes from the Smokies - Acrylic Paintings on mini canvases

Painting a Mini Canvas – Smoky Mountain Artwork

I got myself a little 2×2″ mini canvas pack at a craft store years ago. I thought they would be so neat to make tiny paintings of, and they really were a LOT of fun to do! In fact, probably […]

Lackawanna State Park Colored Pencil Drawing

Beginning an Art Journey

Since starting this website, it’s been my goal to post a piece of artwork for all the places I’ve been in the world. A good, unique compliment to a travel blog I thought. However I’ve found that one of the […]